UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX Designer and Psychology student at Bradley University, I have studied many principles of design and interaction that let me help others with their needs. 

About Me

My name is Jeremy Gluck and I am a Jr. UI/UX and Psychology Double Major who is currently Attending Bradley University. I choose to attend this school to explore how the human mind interacts with the world around us. I have collaborated on numerous projects with other students and have completed many of my own which showcase my current design capabilities.

My 2022 UI/UX Design Portfolio

These projects were made throughout my Jr. Year of UI/UX design and there were many important skills I learned along the way including use of Figma, Photoshop as well as WordPress.

Garden Well

Rest Stop

OSF Project

CAT Project

Simcia Project

Fuse 2022

AR Viewer App – Assignment Showcase

In this application concept that I made in Unity for my advanced UI/UX class, I made a viewer app using AR technology. The app had models and sounds from the popular online game League of Legends.

Psychology Major Projects

In my major for Psychology, I made pages on my portfolio site to show my knowledge of known disorders. Please explore my work below to learn more.

Depression In College Students

Abnormal Psychology Project

Depressive Disorders

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